2013 Year-End Finance Update

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2013 with less than two weeks left! The amount of Operating Fund donations for the remainder of the year will be very important in determining the financial health of the CUMC for the end of this year and the start of 2014.

As of December 18, the expected Operating expense remaining for the rest of the year will be about $30,000 – with the two largest items being the month end payroll and our remaining 2013 Apportionments balance of $12,624. An additional $13,000 is needed to eliminate our current Operating deficit for the year, restoring our bank balance to a more prudent level and allowing continued progress towards funding Ministries and Missions.

Therefore the remaining Operating donation needs to fully meet these goals total $43,000. While this is a significant amount, it is not unrealistic compared to Covenant’s year-end giving in previous years. Please help us to reach these goals by completing your Operating contributions for 2013 Tithes and Pledges, and prayerfully consider whether your circumstances will allow any extra-mile donations to the Operating Fund.

We have authorized the Trustees to move forward with the replacement of the worn-out downstairs HVAC system in the Education Wing this week. This good news will benefit everyone who attends classes or meetings in that area. This replacement will be paid for using the current balance in the Trustees Fund. For that reason we also ask you to consider making designated donations to that Fund, so that the Trustees can pursue additional major repair and remodeling projects soon.

The Finance Committee