Food Pantry Weekly, 25Jul2018

Greetings Fellow Foodies!

This week’s numbers:

· # households served: 143
· # individuals served: 519
· # first-timers: 16
· # of volunteers: 30

“If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness.”  –Isaiah 58:10

Take a look at the numbers! For the second time in three weeks we have reached another all-time high. We have poured over charts and statistics and cannot delineate any kind of seasonal trends so the growth of our Food Pantry is enlarging due to the number of new clients registering each week and then returning!

One of our volunteers remarked that he had never been asked this question so many times as he was asked Wednesday evening,  “How often can we come back?” Our unwritten policy has always been, “You may come as often as you need us!” And so far we have been able to meet the needs each week, only by God’s grace!

A note to our volunteers, I was reading a devotional this week titled “Unselfish Service”. It is where I found the scripture I used above.

Here’s an excerpt:

The prophet Isaiah describes the kind of service God favors: acts that lift the hearts of those around us, like the wall repairers did for the elderly woman. This passage teaches that God values unselfish service to others over empty spiritual rituals. In fact, God exercises a two-way blessing on the selfless service of His children. First, God uses our willing acts of service to aid the oppressed and needy (Isaiah 58:7–10). Then God honors those engaged in such service by building or rebuilding our reputations as powerful positive forces in His kingdom (vv. 11–12). What service will you offer this day?

Here’s the takeaway:   Selfless service to others brings honor to God.”

There is a bunch of selfless service at our Food Pantry especially as the numbers continue their upward trend.

Peace and blessings to all!

Please take a moment to reread all the opportunities below to help this ministry.


Come join our team! Or step up your current involvement! See below under What do we need, and if you have questions or interest in joining us please reply to this email or contact Bob Weeks, Ernie Cruz or Pastor Stella. Thank You to all our supporters and volunteers, and as always, please pray for all our clients.  

What do we need:
• Needs list for those wanting to donate items:

• toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo (including the free hotel size), toilet paper, feminine products, etc.

• baby food, diapers, other baby items

• reusable shopping bags (no paper bags please.)

• Financial donations to the food pantry may be made online at, or by check to Covenant UMC (“Food Pantry” on memo line).

Would you like to volunteer in the food pantry? There are multiple opportunities each week:

• Wednesday evenings 4:00pm-7:00pm for volunteers to help set-up, distribute food to our clients and then clean up! Everyone is welcome… just drop in!

• Wednesday morning 10am-noon: we receive deliveries and sort/set-up bread and produce.

• Tuesday morning: We need volunteers to pick up food at the Food Bank and bring it back to Covenant. You can do a ride-along with one of our current volunteers to see if it’s a good fit for you. You don’t need to use your own vehicle but you do need to be in good physical condition, able to lift and transfer up to 60 pounds. This is an essential task that must be done every week to make the food pantry work. Please help spread the word and let me know if you have questions. By the way, this is a great job to share with a friend: enjoy the company, get a little workout!

Bob Weeks

twitter: @CovenantFood




Covenant Food Pantry is a Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agency


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