Our mission is to glorify God, witness by word and deed, and make disciples of Jesus Christ so that all may have eternal life. All  of us came here with questions, expectations, history, worries, problems, hopes, a longing to make the world a better place, and we have found this to be a safe place to explore questions and let down burdens, a joyful place to share our talents, a friendly place to connect with others, and a spirit-filled place to meet God. We strive to make it so for others who come.

What To Expect

Covenant United Methodist Church provides many opportunities to study and grow in faith, including our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services, Sunday School and Bible study classes, and special speakers and programs. The United Methodist tradition emphasizes study and openness to new ideas, and we seek to keep that tradition alive here.

Fourth of July      Cantata-2016- (8)       potluck lunch


Growing in faith leads to the deepening understanding that God calls us to serve the world and work to bring about what Scripture calls the Kingdom of God, a state in which the world is at peace, thriving, as God intended. Therefore, service through feeding the hungry, reaching out to the broken, and serving our neighbors is a big part of this church. We believe that the life-saving message of Jesus Christ is good news, so we work to get that message out any way we can.

Knowing God through being in relationship with Jesus Christ fills us with gratitude, awe, and reverence.  The most foundational reason we are here is to worship God, the most natural human response to God’s unconditional, unfailing love, therefore worship is at the center of our lives together.

Finally, we believe that all people were created to love God and one another, so we work to accept and love all people and provide opportunities for people of all ages to work, play, and worship together. We hope you will join us.  We’ll make room at the table.

At Covenant United Methodist Church, we value:

  • A Bible centered church focused on the inspired Word of God.
  • Nurturing one another along our personal journeys of faith as we build stronger relationships with God.
  • Placing Christ first in our individual lives through prayer, study,
    worship, fellowship, gifts and service.
  • Cultivating vibrant disciples of Jesus Christ, thus giving hope for those seeking a better way in Austin and our world.
  • Strong, intentional and committed leadership shared by clergy and members with direct congregational support and encouragement for excellence.
  • Being a sanctuary for our neighbors in their times of need.
  • All children and youth.
  • Sacrificial generosity through prayers, presence, gifts and service