Ban the Busy: Be Patient

We are beings trapped in time. We worry and obsess over what we have to do, and we are haunted by the evil spirit of busyness. This week in worship, I challenged you to ban the word from your vocabulary. No more, “I’m so busy;” instead, stop, pay attention, and listen.

The seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet, zayin, reminds us of that. Zayin begins the word for time, zman, as well as the word “remember,” zachar. Time and time again, when God’s people were given a law, statue, or commandment, they were told o remember the whys of it – be kind to the slave among you, remember you were a slave in Egypt; provide for the alien among you, remember that you were an alien in the land. God has compassion for us, enslaved in time, and we are to have it for others, to be patient with them and to be kind . We remember, for when we lose inner memory, we lose our sense of being and our purpose.

On Sunday, we observed Transfiguration Day. We recalled that Jesus revealed himself in full, glorious light to his inner circle of disciples. H allowed them to step out of time with him, in a sense, to prepare them for the journey to the cross that was ahead of them. We, too, remember the full glory of Christ and the fullness of his grace before we being the walk into the dark time of reflection that from early church times has been called lent, from the Latin word for Spring; lentus. When we know spring is coming and remember its beauty, we can endure dark winters.

This week, step out of time with God in prayer and remember His promises. Allow the light of his glory to help you resist feeling rushed, hurried or impatient. Come to church on Ash Wednesday and hear more about why we remember.Be Patient

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