Learning about our Christian heritage through studying the Bible is the basis for our Sunday School. From the epic stories of the Old Testament to the Gospel of the New Testament, we believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

Setting aside time each week to study the Scriptures with our peers is essential to our growth as Christians.

Education & Sunday School Classes are at 10:00am each week.
Junior High Sunday School is for youth 6th grade through 8th grade level, and is held in room 221.
The Senior High Class is for 9th graders through 12th grade, and is held in room 217.

Confirmation gives youth the opportunity to explore their Christian faith and prepares them to make their vows to follow God. Classes meet during Sunday School Hour in the spring. This course is for any age youth (6th grade-12th grade) who has not been confirmed in the church.

Bible Study at 6:00 PM Wednesday Night for boys and girls.

Classes are led by the youth director and mature Christians who have the depth and experience to guide young people. Classes provide a setting for young people to learn from one another, but we take great care in making sure young people are well supervised and given direction and guidance even as they find room to grow.