Fall Worship Theme

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We often focus on the commands from God that are hardest to obey, but God also commands something simple: feasting.

The Bible tells us that late summer and early fall were festival seasons for the chosen people, a time to be thankful, to celebrate blessings, and to savor the good things the earth gives us.  We know, too, that Jesus observed festivals, and he spent a lot of his time at the table – with those who had been denied a place as well as those who were wealthy and learned.

This fall at Covenant, we are celebrating a season of feasting and talk about these things. We have discovered that we are especially gifted at hospitality, and so we want to develop that gift, learning to serve the hungry better and learning to satisfy our hearts’ thirst for worship and knowledge as we invite others to savor those things, too.

We will also have many opportunities to serve and be served.

In September, we will be given full menus of new classes and studies and opportunities to connect. A Missions Fair of September 11 will overflow with tables full of displays.

In October, we will have our annual Blessing of the Animals, consider how we can give gifts back to God out of our abundance. While the rest of the world is focused on scary things (including the presidential election), we will enjoy our children’s “No Fear Celebration” fall festival

In November, we will spotlight our youth and children as well as world-wide missions, and we will dream about the day when we will feast at a heavenly banquet.

Come in for a taste this fall and see that the Lord is good.