Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Classes meet at 10:10 am and are the primary way many people in the church connect and grow spiritually. No prior knowledge or study is required, in fact, study with people of differing backgrounds makes for more interesting class discussion, so visitors are always welcome.

With the exception of the JOY class which meets adjacent to the sanctuary, all classes are located in the fellowship hall building.  There are usually members in the coffee area at the Sunday School hour who can direct you. Those needing handicap access can enter through the doors at the back of the building at the church office entrance.


 No Excuses: This class has been together for some time and was the driving force behind the establishment of the new, improved church food pantry.  As their name implies, they seek to live their faith fully through a study of the Bible.  They meet in Room 122.

 Journey of Discovery: This class is made up of young adults and parents of young children, but they welcome all who want to learn more about faith and life. They seek to support one another on the journey and stay open to discovering God’s truth along the way.   They meet in Room 114.

 Genesis to Revelation: This class has been around almost as long as the church has been open, but the participants have stayed active and vital in their faith.  Their name comes from the fact that they study the Bible from book to book, beginning to end. At last update, they were reading the Book of Acts. They meet in Room 129.

 JOY Class:  This class chose it name because it an acronym for “Just Older Youth.” It is a class made up mostly of seniors, but they try to keep youthful, joyful attitudes as they study Scripture and the issues facing people in their generation.   They meet in the Cry Room, which is at the back of the sanctuary.

 Truth Seekers Class: This class is made up of people of different ages, so it could be a good first class for a visitor to try.  They study different aspects of faith and life with a focus on spiritual practices.  They meet in the library, which is upstairs across from the pastor’s office.