Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study is a course in which participants read and study the Bible from the first book to the last. Bible readings follow the chronological movement of the Biblical story. This is a class for all ages and experience levels and provides a strong foundation for further study. It is especially helpful for people who have never read the whole Bible.

The class meets weekly for about two hours and includes group discussion and life application of Scripture. Those who have take the class believe it to have been life-changing, and the groups form strong bonds that last beyond the duration of the session.

The class this year will be led by Charlie Bright, Covenant’s Lay Leader who has a long history teaching this class as well as other Bible Studies.  The class will meet on Thursdays at 7:00 pm beginning September 6, 2018 .  The first class will be an introduction, so plan to come even if you aren’t sure and find out if the class is for you. Participants will need a Bible and a workbook, which will be available for a cost of $40 (pay as you are able).

E mail covenantumc@covenantaustin.org to register.