How about giving a donation for a specific item to Covenant Food Pantry, Crop Walk, Heifer International, True Vineyard,  Drive a Senior Northwest, World Vision, or Habitat for Humanity as your gift to friends and family this Christmas? It honors them and provides for those in need. Gifts can be purchased throughout the season of Advent.

For more info, contact Colleen Meyer..

Gifts of Caring 2015

by Colleen Meyer | Missions

Covenant Food Pantry: Feeding about 80 families a week on Wednesday nights.

Cost Per Unit
50 pounds of food for Food Pantry clients $5.00
Food for seven Food Pantry clients for a week $20.00
A Wednesday evening snack dinner for the food pantry clients $30.00
Cost of transporting a ton of food from the Central Texas Food Bank $50.00

Drive a Senior Northwest: Free transportation for seniors in the NW Austin, Cedar Park and Leander communities.

Cost Per Unit
Postage to mail one month of client birthday cards $20.00
Supplies of one month of Senior Day Out Meals (Coffee, Tea, Paper Goods) $25.00
One round trip (or two one-way trips) to medical appt or grocery store $30.00

World Vision:  working with families and communities to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

Cost per unit
Two soccer balls to help children learn team  building and relieve stress $16.oo
A Bible in a family’s native language. $18.00
Promise pack: basic school supplies, hygiene items and insect repellent $22.00
Vaccines to protect children from things like measles, pertussis, polio and tetanus $45.00

True Vineyard: Job creation, community building and spiritual counsel for women in Rwanda.

Cost Per Unit
Dye supplies and materials for dying yarn and creating income $10.00
School supplies for the child of a widow $15.00
Bus fare for one month for ladies who walk a great distance to work $15.00
One month sponsorship for a widow’s support $50.00

Heifer International: Heifer animals (and training in their care) offer hungry families around the world a way to feed themselves and become self-reliant.

Cost Per Unit
A share of a pig for a family in need. $10.00
A flock of ducks that eats weeds and provides eggs. $20.00
A share in a Community Animal Health Worker Kit that includes tools and training. $20.00
Hope Basket: includes rabbits and a starter flock of chickens for nutrition and income. $50.00

Habitat for Humanity: providing affordable housing

Cost Per Unit
Lumber – 2x4s, plywood, etc. $10.00
Small building tools $15.00
Sponsorship of one square foot of a house $50.00

CROP/Church World Service: An Interdenominational, Christian ministry working worldwide to meet human needs and foster self-reliance in over 80 countries.

Cost Per Unit
Nutrition to treat malnpourished children $12.00
10 Jerry Cans to carry water for miles without contamination $15.00
Seed and tools to start a sustainable garden $25.00
Dig 1 METER of borehole well to access clean, safe water $30.00