is an online organization whose mission is “To connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.” No donations are made to our church. You make a loan directly through the website to an individual in one of 78 countries. Your loan can be a little as $25. In fact, it’s much more fun making 4 $25 loans than 1 $100 loan. You learn about the needs in the country of your borrowers and watch them as they successfully pay back the loan.

The CovenantUMCAustin Kiva team has made 55 loans totaling $1375 in 38 different countries. The countries include: Cambodia, El Salvador, Palestine, Paraguay, Boliva, Pakistan, Turkey, Mozambique, and Cameroon to name a few. 17 of the loans have been paid back with only an 8¢ loss due to currency exchange.

If you would like an invitation to join the CovenantUMCAustin team – and get an extra $25 for our team to lend, contact Karen Sue Wagner.

Click on the following to see the impact of our team.   Covenant UMC Lending Team Impact  (Link may not work in Firefox.)