Tools for Teens in Transition

In support of Regions XIII’s “Fresh Start Baskets” program, as graduation time nears we are paired up with students aging out of the foster care system or that are homeless high school seniors. In celebration of their graduation, as they transition on to work, trade school or college we provide them with “TOOLS” for their transition into the next phase of their lives. Some students will be living on their own and therefore will need household items; some students will be moving into dorms and thus will need dorm supplies and school supplies. For those attending trade schools – possibly items are needed for their chosen trade. CUMC members can contribute from a list of items or make monetary contributions. As an added bonus to this ministry – if the student is open to it, we will offer to connect them with a member in their field of choice to mentor them along their way.

To get involved, please contact our Missions team at