True Vineyard Ministries

by Diana Wiley | Missions

True Vineyard Ministries, Inc. is a Christian organization providing holistic support  to Africa’s poorest through job creation, community building, and spiritual counsel. At Covenant, we sponsor an annual marketplace of True Vineyard crafts, usually in the late fall, and we support the organization financially through sponsorship of widows. The core values of True Vineyard Ministries are Empowerment, Sustainability, Creativity, and Collaboration.  True Vineyard Ministries believes:

  • Empowerment, chiefly through vulnerable women, is a central principle for reducing poverty and improving the health and well being of children and communities.
  • Equipping, educating, and employing are key facets that help impoverished individuals find sustainable solutions to poverty.
  • Identifying and fostering creativity is crucial for continued economic growth and social change in Africa.
  • Successful social enterprises require collaboration. This includes engaging a variety of people in public and private  sectors, entrepreneurs and laborers, and people of all ages and genders.

Investing in the life of a Rwandan widow, gives us the opportunity to participate in a transformation story. Our widow sponsorship includes a monthly commitment of $35. But participation is more than financial contribution. Participation is relationship – through letter writing, prayer, and regular updates. Our monthly gift allows a widow to work in a holistic work environment that provides her with spiritual and emotional support, health insurance, and a steady salary. Through our support she is empowered to provide for her own needs and provide for the needs of her children. For more information, check out the True Vineyard website. To get involved, please contact our Missions team at