Food Pantry Weekly, 01Mar2017

Greetings Foodies!
It was a great day at the Food Pantry! It’s March already and it was a relatively slow night tonight – down 26 households from last week’s 113. And it was a bit strange, for me at least. Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, that period observed since ancient times when Christians focus on reflection, study, repentance, and prayer, leading up to the most joyful day of the year, Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!  But it was strange because I was in the Food Pantry, doing what I do every Wednesday. Then again, I think Jesus is ok with us spending our Ash Wednesday serving others! And I was so thankful for Pastor Stella for bringing the ashes down to us who wouldn’t be able to go upstairs to the Ash Wednesday Service. Thank you Pastor!  And the ashes on my forehead led to clients’ questions about what that meant, and my answer eventually led to me mentioning Palm Sunday (where we get the actual ashes), and that led to a discussion of the Palm Sunday story. We had a little Sunday School class right in the middle of the Food Pantry! What fun!
If you have never volunteered at the food pantry before, come join us on Wednesday at 10am or 5pm to see first hand what keeps our volunteers coming back. From time to time we have volunteer needs at other times also. Questions? Shoot me an email.  And if you are interested in a leadership role, please contact Pastor Stella or me to explore opportunities.
Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers, and as always, please pray for all our clients.
This week’s numbers:

  • # of volunteers: 32
  • # households served: 87
  • # individuals served: 246
  • # first-timers: 12
Other business:
  • Financial donations to the food pantry may be made online at, or by check to Covenant UMC (“Food Pantry” on memo line).
  • This week’s needs list for those wanting to donate items:
    • soup, mac&cheese
    • baby food, diapers, other baby items
    • toiletries – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo (including the free hotel size), toilet paper, etc.
    • reusable shopping bags (not paper bags please.)
    • Note: we have an ample supply of egg cartons for now. Thanks for getting us stocked up!
Carl Wilson
Covenant Food Pantry is a Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agency

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