Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!

Katherine apologetically told me that she had another commitment on Wednesday night and couldn’t come to Food Pantry. Then last night she was having second thoughts. “I can cancel…” No, I said. God will provide volunteers, He always does. I remember saying to her, We’ll probably have 12 people show up to help! I was wrong. We had 15. He is amazing, even in these little things.

Great news! Remember my plea recently for a donation of a larger refrigerator? The Koffends are donating theirs! That will really help us out. Thanks Mary & Mick!

Please pray for our good friend Anita who wrestles with the powers at Whole Foods to get eggs, dairy, bread and many other items that would otherwise be thrown away, and brings them to us and other food pantries. She has been sick and not able to make her rounds this week. But – praise God! – through the contributions of our many supporters we are able to purchase extra items on weeks like this. Hope you get well soon, Anita! Another prayer request: the food pantry at St. Marks UMC was temporarily shut down by Capital Area Food Bank. Pray that they can resolve their issues quickly and resume serving the poor in their area. I’m confident God will use this bump in the road to help His children!

Tonight’s numbers:
# volunteers: 15!
#households served: 37
#individuals helped: 142
(See attached chart)

Blessings to you all.

Food Pantry data 2014-02-26

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