Food Pantry Weekly, 11 March 2015

Greetings Foodies!

We still have one important volunteer position open. Please see below for details.

The unpredictability of the food pantry continues. Our last four weeks’ household counts have been 59, 79, 64 and tonight (drum roll please) 83!  Towards the end we had run out of many perishables, but the last couple of people went home with excellent meat and ice cream!  All seemed very pleased.

I attached a different chart than usual tonight (see below). This view compares each year of our history to the others. If you look, you’ll notice that, other than a couple of months in the first quarter of 2013 versus the same period of 2014, the curves for each year rarely ever cross. That really highlights the huge increases from each year to the next. My crystal ball is in the shop, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we have 100-household night before 2015 is over.

The new coffee bar (we need a name for this) was busy again tonight. The conversation, the laughter emanating from the room, it was more like Starbucks than Food Pantry. I’m so happy that we can provide that brief respite to those who come to us. It also gave pastor Stella an opportunity to have some good chats with clients. Having people in the building early also gave me an opportunity to visit more in-depth with one first-time client. Her story was heart-breaking. She told me that she wouldn’t cry tonight like she had done the first couple of times she went to food pantries, but she was still very much experiencing the crushing weight of her life. Medical bills, abusive relationships, struggling to keep herself off the street… I’m not sure I could survive even one of her weeks.  Please pray for her and all our clients.

Blessings to you all and thank-you for your support.


Needs list, for persons wanting to donate food:  canned fruit, pasta.

This week’s numbers:
– # of volunteers: 20
– # households served: 83
– # individuals served: 238

– # first-timers:  8

20150311 Food Pantry Data
Volunteer opportunities

— We have an immediate need on Tuesdays from about 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM to pick up food at Capital Area Food Bank. This job requires the ability to lift up to 30 lbs and load these heavy items into a vehicle. You will be working with another awesome volunteer in this job.

— Recently, we’ve had more volunteers than needed on Wednesday evenings, so I now have a wait list!

To volunteer, donate, or for more information, please contact Carl Wilson at:

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