Food Pantry Weekly, 13Apr2016

Greetings Foodies!
It was another great day at the Food Pantry!
I’m always impressed by those who work behind the scenes of any endeavor. I think of a theatrical performance. My wife and I have been opera subscribers for several years. We see at most a few dozen faces on the stage and in the orchestra pit. But there are hundreds of others who labor behind the scenes, without whom the performance would simply not be possible. We don’t know their names and will likely never meet them. They clearly don’t do what they do for applause. It’s the same in the faith – those soldiers who have fought the good fight, whose names are lost to history. And it’s the same at the food pantry. People tell me all the time what a great ministry we have, and they are right. On Wednesday nights clients thank us for our help. That thanks is heartfelt. But we are only part of the effort. Behind the scenes are others who drive to Capital Area Food Bank, HEB, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, My Fit Food and others. There are those who prepare snack dinners in the kitchen; who clean up the next day; who set up tables, receive deliveries, grow veggies, manage inventory, take out trash, run reports, track giving, pay bills, and a myriad other tasks. And there are those who make donations and those who pray. As St. Paul described, the body has many members and each one is important. On behalf of all those who come to us for help, thanks to all of you! Can you hear the applause of Heaven?
Please pray for all our clients.
Carl Wilson
twitter: @CovenantFood
Other business…
  • If you are interested in exploring a leadership position in the Food Pantry, please contact Carl or Pastor Stella.
  • This week’s needs list for those wanting to donate shelf-stable food:
    • Mac & Cheese
    • canned fruit
  • We can always use reusable shopping bags (Not paper or “single-use” plastic bags please.)
  • Financial donations to the food pantry can be made by check or online at
This week’s numbers:
– # of volunteers: 19
– # households served: 74
– # individuals served: 224
 – # first-timers:  10
12-week rolling average
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