Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies,

Summitt Elementary, a partner with us now for more than two years, conducted another food drive. As before, they provided a small mountain of food! The teachers, counselors and students really out-did themselves. The 5th grade kids even helped carry the food out and loaded vehicles. I think it’s fantastic that these kids are learning first-hand about helping others.

Tonight was a busy night – we were privileged to serve 45 households. Many were there with their adorable children. Kit brought a box of stuffed toys to give away, which brought smiles to little faces. Since Christmas and New Years fall on Wednesdays, there were lots of hugs and wishes of Merry Christmas as people left with bags loaded with tangible manifestations of God’s grace. And as a grace note to the evening, Randy, Keith and a room-full of carolers came to sing us glad tidings.

And to all of you who supported us, helped us and wished us well throughout 2013, I wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed 2014!

CarlThis week by the numbers:
# Households: 45
# Individuals: 174
# Volunteers: 12

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