Food Pantry Weekly-2015 Feb 25th

Greetings Foodies!

Tonight was a very busy night. We served 78 households, plus one more during the week. That’s the second largest ever, behind our record week of 85 last July, and only the sixth time we’ve been at or over 70. As I always like to remind people, if we give out two of an item, such as canned fruit or vegetables, that’s 13 dozen of that one item. God is faithful and continues to provide; but He provides through His children. So please tell your friends and neighbors to continue to support the food pantry!

And speaking of neighbors, today we found 65 pounds of groceries waiting for us along with the following note:  Dear Church – Saw your sign about Food Pantry days & times. Here’s our donation. God bless you all!  From some “Milwood Neighbors.”  Many days it seems like the world is going down the drain. But I have evidence that there are still lots of good folks!

Each Tuesday, Nancy King and Janna O’Neal drive to Capital Area Food Bank, load our large weekly order into an SUV or pick-up truck and bring it back to the food pantry. Janna will be leaving Austin soon (booo-hoooo!!!), so we need someone to take over her part of that job. Please give prayerful consideration to this ministry. More info is below under Volunteer Opportunities.

Blessings to you all. Please pray for all our clients.


Needs list, for persons wanting to donate food:  canned fruit, peanut butter, mac & cheese
This week’s numbers:
– # of volunteers: 19
– # households served: 79
– # individuals served: 235

– # first-timers:  19

Food Pantry data 2015-02-25
Volunteer opportunities

— We have an immediate need on Tuesdays from about 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM to pick up food at Capital Area Food Bank. This job requires the ability to lift up to 30 lbs and load these heavy items from the CAFB dock into a vehicle. You will be working with another volunteer in this job.

— Recently, we’ve had more volunteers than needed on Wednesday evenings, so I now have a wait list!

To volunteer, donate, or for more information, please contact Carl Wilson at:

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