Food Pantry Weekly 21Sept2016

Greetings Foodies!

The Food Pantry can mean a lot of things to different people! It can be exhilarating, exhausting, frustrating and fulfilling all at the same time! Tonight was an exceptional night as you will see with the numbers. The lottery system was taxed tonight as we had more than 60 people signed up by 5 o’clock! As usual, I was concerned about there not going to be enough volunteers to show up but God sends just the right amount of people to help at just the right time. Oh, ye of little faith!

Tonight I want to tell you about one of our clients stepping up and helping in such an unexpected way. Someone had thrown paper towels into one of the toilets in the Women’s Restroom. I was informed of the situation and quite frankly didn’t have a clue what to do. One of our clients overheard the conversation and said that if we had gloves, she would clean out the paper! She proceeded to tell me that she had worked in a nursing home before and that this really wasn’t any big deal. I’m thinking, “Not a big deal??”. I ran to get her gloves. She went in and within a few minutes had it back in shape! I hugged her and thanked her. She just said she didn’t mind because of all that we do for her!! Paying it forward! God is good!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped this week, this wouldn’t get done without a great team effort. Carl will be proud but we will be glad when he returns!
As always, Foodies, the interaction and relationships fostered each and every week IS the inspiration and the food is merely the vehicle. To God be the Glory!

Please continue praying for our clients and for each other!

Other business:

  • This week’s needs list for those wanting to donate  shelf-stable  food:

o  soup

o  canned chicken or tuna

  • We can always use:

o  reusable shopping bags ( not paper or “single-use” plastic bags please.)

o  empty egg cartons

  • Financial donations to the food pantry

may be made by check or online at

This week’s numbers:

  • # of volunteers:  22
  • # households served:  91
  • # individuals served: 278
  • # first-timers:  10

Bob Weeks

twitter: @CovenantFood




Covenant Food Pantry is a Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agency


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