Food Pantry Weekly, 25Nov2015

Greetings Foodies!
Lots to talk about today, so a longer than usual Weekly.  I hope you have time to read it as you are recovering from turkey!
It was “back to normal” numbers this week after last week’s onslaught. But we continue to tweak things to solve problems and make the operation safer and more efficient. Some of our clients are not happy with our changes, but I guess most of us prefer the status quo.  We experimented admitting people to the food pantry part of the building in groups of 15, according to their sign-in order. This avoided the increasingly dangerous congestion we’ve experienced downstairs. We had some blowback resulting from not allowing waiting in the area surrounding the preschool during their hours or operation, but we’ll get past that.
We had tons-o-food for everyone, including 16 turkeys that we distributed by random drawing. They didn’t know they were receiving one until they were on their way out and I had the pleasure of telling them. Most were totally shocked and happy. Unexpected sources of food continue to appear…
  • Our own Covenant Preschool held a food drive for us and presented us with over 400 pounds of food.  Thanks parents, Laura & staff!
  • The folks from Adelphi Acres Community Garden continue to bring us fresh veggies and this week they collected other food items for us as well.
  • Last week, a gentleman from Great Hall Games on Lamar Boulevard came by with 160 pounds they had collected for us.
  • I was contacted this week by the marketing coordinator at Aspire Dental telling us that they are doing a food drive for us during December! (More on that next month.)

God continues to send people with food to us at the same time as He sends people who need food to us.

Thanks to the wonderful Kings, Brights and Blankenships, we are managing to transport our increasingly large weekly loads from Capital Area Food Bank each Tuesday. Needing two vehicles to make the 40-mile round trip is hopefully a short-term solution. We badly need a large capacity vehicle (my dream solution is a cargo van) for just a couple of hours each Tuesday. We’ve contacted U-Haul public relations (thanks Bob!) to see if they might cut us a deal. If you have a solution you’d like to discuss, please let me know!
And lastly, we’re looking for someone to replace me as food pantry leader. If you’re already just totally insane, a member of Covenant, love Jesus, and want to take on a crazy, fun, hard, rewarding job, contact me or pastor Stella to discuss.
Blessings to you all, and please pray for all those who come to us for help,
This week’s needs list for those wanting to donate shelf-stable food:
   — peanut butter
   — cereal
Also, we can always use reusable grocery shopping bags (Not paper or “single-use” plastic bags please.)
If you have questions about how to make financial or food donations, please contact the church office at 512-346-3124.
This week’s numbers:
– # of volunteers: 26
– # households served: 85
– # individuals served: 277
 – # first-timers:  8
12-week rolling average
Covenant Food Pantry is a Capital Area Food Bank Partner Agency

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