Food Pantry Weekly, 27Jan2016

Greetings Foodies!
In a way, it wasn’t my favorite Wednesday because I missed Food Pantry! And not just me but another key member of the team also! Horrors! What ever will happen?!!  Actually, nothing bad. The rest of our awesome volunteers stepped up and covered everything just fine. So in a way, it was my favorite, reaffirming that this ministry is bigger and more durable than any one or two of us.
Some who come to us for help seem to be caught in an endless struggle with no way out. So we do love to hear “success stories.”  One couple who have come just a few times, recently told us that both had landed jobs on the same day, so they said they hoped that their next visit would be to help others! And for those who are stuck – short term or long – we’re here.  Either way, God is good!
Please pray for all our clients.
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Other business…
  • We still have a need for a large capacity vehicle (3/4-ton or more) on Tuesdays. If you have a possible solution, please contact Carl.
  • If you are interested in a leadership position in the Food Pantry, please contact Carl or Pastor Stella.
  • This week’s needs list for those wanting to donate shelf-stable food:
    • peanut butter
    • cereal
  • We can always use reusable grocery shopping bags (Not paper or “single-use” plastic bags please.)
  • If you have questions about how to make financial or food donations, please contact the church office at 512-346-3124.
This week’s numbers:
– # of volunteers: 20
– # households served: 81
– # individuals served: 276
 – # first-timers:  6
12-week rolling average
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Covenant Food Pantry is a Capital Area Food Bank Partner Agency

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