Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!

It was good to be there today – in ministry with good friends, serving – loving – our neighbors. Such an abundance of food. Eight volunteers. Thirty-one households (12 first-timers), 119 individuals. See attached for the data.

Such a long time – three weeks – in Food Pantry terms. I’ve been convicted more than once these three weeks that not being open was a mistake. Yes it was Christmas day…and New Year’s day. So what? Do God’s hungry children not get hungry on those days? The familiar story tells us that Jesus and His family had no where to go that first Christmas. Looking back, it breaks my heart. It was my fault. We won’t make that mistake in 2014. Yes, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. We’ll be open. Mat 25:31-46


Food Pantry data 2014-01-08

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