Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!

Wow! What a night! God always provides the food and the people. When I arrived about 4:30, Kit was waiting to get in so I knew no one else was inside working. About 5:15 Bob arrived. He was the third. Usually by that time we have 6-8 volunteers, all busy. But…no problem!  We had a ton of food, and Vickie Maxon had been there earlier and bagged 50 sets of food! So Kit, Bob and I could be very prideful and say “We opened tonight with just three volunteers!” …which would probably be a record; but we know that God and His angels had prepared everything for us. He just let go along for the ride and watch Him work!

It was a busy night tonight – 46 households representing 155 individuals (see attached chart). Actually 50 came, but four left before getting served. Maybe they just couldn’t wait long enough – we did get backed up. I pray for those four families.

Prayer times with clients included the usual requests – jobs, health, housing, etc. But tonight, one man told us where someone was hiring. He gave us a telephone number and email address to share with others! And we did.

Thanks to all our helpers…and several more did arrive, so we had plenty. 😉  Praise God!


Food Pantry data 2014-01-15

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