Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!
We are in a transition time as far as where the food comes from. What we buy from Capital Area Food bank continues, of course, and I hope it always will. But most of our dairy, eggs, produce and other perishable  and some non-perishable items comes from from Whole Foods via Anita Murray, who faithfuly deals with WF to capture product they are “writing off.”  It’s a bit of a dance and an arm-wrestling match Anita does every week, to not get in the way of their business yet keep good nurishing food out of the landfill.

As you may be aware, WF closed their Gateway store and opened a new store in the Domain. This means Anita has to start over with a new management team to win their support, and she is in the middle of that now. With this change comes opportunity, however, because WF is completely rebuilding the Gateway site and will reopen that store, so the potential is to double the volume of this food coming to Covenant and other area food pantries.  That will likely require God to provide new “Anitas” to work with her. Please pray for Anita and her ministry to the poor.

During this transition time, due to the generosity of our members and friends, we have funds available to bridge the gap. Praise God for his generous children!

See the chart below for history. Tonight’s numbers:
Volunteers:  8
Households served: 45
Individuals served: 169

Food Pantry data 2014-01-22

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