Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!
Another really busy night at the food pantry – 53 households! That’s one of the 5 highest totals we’ve had, and makes January 2014 the busiest four-week month we’ve ever had (we were closed the first Wednesday).
On Monday, I attended the required annual training at Capital Area Food Bank. You might of CAFB as a “secular” organization and technically, I suppose you would be correct. But I think Jesus may be very pleased with what these folks are doing – loving neighbor, caring for the poor, showing mercy in a harsh world, walking humbly with God. Mostly the training was things that I heard at last year’s training, but one thing caught my eye. There was a slide entitled “Judge Not.” The bullets on that slide included:

  • If they are in your pantry we must assume they are in need
  • If they visit more than one pantry we must assume that they need more than what one pantry can provide
  • Do not compete with other pantries…we are all partners forming one big family to help those in need.
I remember when we first began, 33 months ago, there were those who said, “These people are just taking advantage of you.” And, “They just go from one pantry to another, taking more than their share.” We’ve taken the attitude of the three statements above since we first opened. God is blessing us and using us to bless others. Praise be to God!

Tonight’s numbers:

# volunteers: 15
#households served: 53

#individuals helped: 194

Food Pantry data 2014-01-29

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