Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!

The clients that were already lined up when I arrived at 4:30 were very glad to be let into the building where it was warm. The wind was howling and the wind chill must have already been around freezing. It was a relatively small group who were there initially, and by 5:30about 30 had passed through and we had no one waiting. I figured we wouldn’t make it to 40. But we had small bubble of arrivals in the second hour and we ended having served 47 households.

Each week, once we’re ready to open, the volunteers huddle up for prayer. Tonight as I stood in that circle I was struck with the awareness of what a blessing it was just to get to serve with such a great group of people, and how much God must love each one of them.  Like the folks who we let in early so they could be warmed, I pray all were warmed — and not just physically. I know a certain group of volunteers who were!

Praise God!

Tonight’s numbers:
# volunteers:   10
#households served:  47
#individuals helped:  176


Food Pantry data 2014-02-05

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