Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!

It was a quiet night at the food pantry (Why do I sound like Garrison Keillor?) but all who came got meat, eggs, milk, bread and all the usual staples. My favorite image tonight was when I looked in the shop-for room and there was Maja with an adorable baby in her arms. Then I saw her going out the back door with the baby. Let’s see… did I actually see her come back?

The creativity award this week goes to Riley Beebee and her mom Ashley. When selling Girl Scout cookies, if a prospective customer said they couldn’t eat sweets, or something like that, Riley would ask, “Well, would you like to buy a box and donate it to our church Food Pantry?” The kid’s a genius. Riley and her mom brought the food pantry cases and cases of cookies. Everyone who came tonight got a box and we have more for next week. Thanks Riley & Ashley!

If you didn’t see my last email… we have a need for more refrigerator storage. If you know of someone who might have one in good working order to donate, please let me know. We will pick it up.

Tonight’s numbers:
# volunteers: 9
#households served: 37 (including 1 during the week)
#individuals helped: 138



Food Pantry data 2014-02-12

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