Food Pantry Weekly

Greetings Foodies!
It was a week of extremes. The volume of food and its source never ceases to amaze me. And the specific selection of foods is sometimes downright hilareous. On Monday, Anita calls from Whole Foods and says they’ve got so many chips I just can’t leave them to be thrown in the garbage. She made two trips to get them all. Then Maja and Joe made two trips to meet her and get them inside. I didn’t try to count them, but there had to be 500 bags — maybe 700 — I don’t know. It was crazy. And cookies, and canned meat, and milk, and frozen meat, and eggs, and cereal and on and on. Oh my gosh, so much. It’s an incredible feeling before we open, just knowing everyone will be fed abundantly. God is like that. God is extreme.
And extreme blessing. We always talk about how we are blessed each week – a prayer of thanksgiving for a new job, thanks for the food, warm smiles and greetings – to offset the sometimes harshness of the world. Tonight, one woman brought a small envelop. On the front was a handwritten, unsigned note, offering thanks and praising God, and saying what an honor it is to offer a tithe. Inside, cash. I was humbled. It may look like a room full of food. But we stand on holy ground. God’s grace is extreme!
Tonight’s numbers:
# volunteers: 9
#households served: 42
#individuals helped: 153
Food Pantry data 2014-02-19

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