Reading Plan

Journey Through the Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan takes you through the major themes of the Bible and follows the Sunday sermons which will be preached at Covenant UMC in 2018-2019.  When you aren’t able to read all the assignment, scan the chapter headings and get a feel for the ideas. Come to worship and hear a section of that week’s Scripture read and preached upon.  Consider listening by using an app like Bible Gateway. If you have more time, read entire books instead of just the assigned readings when chapters are skipped.

September 9-15                     Wonder: The Creating God                Read Genesis 1-2

September 16-22                   Sin: The Rebel People                       Read: Genesis 3-11

September 23-29                   Covenant: The Called People            Read Genesis 12-33

September 30- Oct 6             Deliverance: God Hears the Cry        Read Exodus 1-18

October 7- 13                         Order: God Sends the Law                Read Exodus 19-23,

Leviticus 11, Numbers 6 &18 Deuteronomy 5-9, 14-15, 34

October 14-20                        Atonement: God Draws Near            Read Exodus 24-40,

Leviticus 1-7, 16-17

October 21-27                        Leadership: The People without a King  Read Joshua & Judges

October 28-Nov 3                   Security: The People with a King      Read 1 Samuel 1-12

November 4-10                      Warning: God send Prophets            Read 1 Kings 3, 6, 16-19

November 11-17                    Consequences: God Punishes          Read Jeremiah 1-12,


November 18-24        Comfort: God Restores the People               Read Isaiah 40-53

November 25- Dec 1 Right Living: The Righteous Like a Tree      Read Proverbs 1-8

December 2-8             Worship: Songs of the Heart                         Read Psalms 1-41

December 9-15                                                                                  Read Psalms 42-89

December 16-22                                                                                Read Psalms 90-106

December 23-29                                                                                Read Psalms 107-150

December 30-January 5       Hope: The People Seek a Savior       Read Daniel

January 6-12                          Context: Time of Transition               Read Esther & Jonah

January 13-19                        Threat: Mounting Controversy          Read Matthew

January 20-26                        Good News: The Hidden Messiah    Read Mark

January 27-Feb2                    Least: God Seeks the Lost                 Read Luke

February 3-9                           Life: Jesus as Lifegiver                      Read John 1-12

February 10-16          Assurance: Jesus Promises an Advocate     Read John 13-21

February 17-23          Power: The Explosion of the Spirit                Read Acts 1-12

February 24-March 2 Conversion: The Gospel in the World           Read Acts  13-27

March 3-9                   Justified: Put Right through Faith                Read Romans

March 10-16              Love: A Congregation in Ferment                 Read 1 &2 Corinthians

March 17-23              Freedom: The Son shall set you Free           Read Galatians

March 24-30              Training: A Pastor Gives Guidance               Timothy/Titus

March 31-April 6        Sacrifice- One Great High Priest                   Read Hebrews

April 7-13                    Holy- A People Set Apart                               Read 1 & Peter

April 14 Easter           Victory –  We Never Lose Hope Victory          Read Revelation


The reading plan is organized by theme. The books listed below were left out for time’s sake and because the themes were covered elsewhere. These remaining books are almost all very short. Take the Summer Reading List challenge and “check out” the books below to read in one sitting.


Job – A long, but important work.

Ezra & Nehemiah – two books that tell the same story (the rebuilding of the temple) from two different perspectives, the priest and the governor.



The Minor Prophets (Joel-Malachi)

Song of Songs






1 John 2 John 3 John