Sermons for 2017

tabernacle-art What does it mean to live a life that is pleasing to God?

That will be our over-arching question in 2017.  In January, we will begin a series on the tabernacle. god gave very specific plans for its building. Why? And what does that mean for us?  Did the coming of Jesus erase everything that came before or are there still things to learn from this ancient building plan?


As we approach the Easter season in March, we will get back to the basics and look at the lessons taught to the very first Christians.  They used the gospel of Matthew as their basis, but also relied on 2nd century writings called the Didache and the Shepherd of Hermas.  What ate these “lost” books and what can they tell us? These first Christians were Jewish and their understanding reflected the culture.  We will try to peel away our “Greek” understanding to reveal some new insights.

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