Making Choices: Lessons from the New Testament Churches

This October at Covenant United Methodist Church, we will  explore the challenges faced by some of the earliest Christian churches and what their struggles can teach us about our own choices.  This is also the season to make the financial decisions that will determine the future of our church.

 The Ephesians’ story teaches us about choosing priories in a city of pagan culture.  The Galatians’ story teaches us about choosing unity among people  with very  different backgrounds and opinions.  The Corinthians’ story instructs us on choosing the good in  a bustling and sinful city.   The Philippians’ story inspires us to choose to give so that Christ can be known.  We will consecrate our gifts to the church and celebrate with a potluck lunch on October 25, and the story will continue into November for All Saints Day when we look at Thessalonica, the city that received the earliest teaching about the promise of life after death.

Join us on the journey!

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