The Pastor is in, the kids are out.

Joy pic

It is good to be here! I am settling in at my new post as the pastor at Covenant UMC. Last week was “moving week,” a space of time Methodists give pastors to move from one church to another. I was moving on moving week – making a dork of myself in the name of Jesus during VBS. I got to play the role of the goofy zookeeper, Dr. Paws, during each morning’s assembly. The church was full of life and it was a blast to see the kids learning and having fun, and the adults putting in all into place.

This week, the kids are all gone and the place is quiet. The youth are gone, too, off to UM Army doing repair projects for people in need. It did my heart good to see my daughter right there in the thick of it.

I am taking advantage of the quiet and thinking about sermons for the next few weeks. I am reading some of the covenant stories from the book of Genesis and thinking about what it means to be a church that calls itself Covenant. On my wall is a reminder of what I came here to do – be an agent of joy. It’s covered with notes of encouragement that I have received and pictures that kids have drawn for me. My favorite is this advice: “Laugh as much as you breath.” I’m not sure I can pull that off, but it helps to have a reminder.

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