Summer 2018 Worship Themes at Covenant

What does it mean for us to live together in Christian Community?

We will celebrate the church festival of Pentecost on May 20th and recall that it was God who created and ignited the church. That should be a humbling thought for all of us!

During late May and early June, we  will consider the ways we can keep the fire going and learn to truly understand and listen to each other. What could the church look like if we lived that out?

Vacation Bible School always brings sparks of energy to the church.  We will learn alongside our children and bring some of their Campout VBS stories and music into worship in late June.

In July and August, we will look deeper into the life of Jesus and consider how he modeled a life of faith for us.  Jesus experienced a range of human emotion, and yet lived a life free from sin, a life that fully demonstrated divine love.  What are we to do with anger, frustration, fear or sadness?  How can we find God in our ordinary days? How can we live with deeper meaning in the middle of life’s stresses and strains?  Join us in worship as we consider these questions.