Summer 2018 Worship Themes at Covenant


This summer, we are looking deeper into the life of Jesus and considering how he modeled a life of faith for us.  Jesus experienced a range of human emotion, and yet lived a life free from sin, a life that fully demonstrated divine love.  What are we to do with anger, frustration, fear or sadness?  How can we find God in our ordinary days? How can we live with deeper meaning in the middle of life’s stresses and strains?  Join us in worship as we consider these questions.

Beginning in September, we will start a year-long exploration of the Bible and move from book to book looking at the overarching themes for our lives.  We will encourage the congregation to read a section each week, whether its a few verses from Sunday’s worship or more in-depth reading from the weekly reading guide.  If you’ve never read the whole Bible, or haven’t read it in a while, this will be a good time to take the next step.