Winter 2018 Worship: “Weird Church Words”

We are looking forward to a new year of worshiping well and loving faithfully at Covenant.

This season after Christmas is called Epiphany. It is the time we celebrate the ways God is revealed to the world. In the coming weeks, we will share the stories of Jesus’ baptism and what it means for our own identity.  Following up on our “Words of Life” preaching series, we will look at “Weird Church Words.”

Our community has words that are unique – words like behold, messiah, amen, and alleluia.  Why do we talk the way we do? What does it say about us, and more importantly about God? Let’s remember the ways God has called us to be wonderfully set apart.

The days are grey this time of year, but spiritually, it is a time of light.  I hope you will join us in worship on Sunday mornings and maintain or re-establish connections with a Sunday School class or small group. I hope we can celebrate together the ways we are wonderfully weird as the body of Christ in Austin, Texas.