The Walk to Emmaus is a 3-day spiritual renewal weekend designed to strengthen faith journey and to build church leaders. The name comes from the story in Luke 24:13-35 in which two travelers meet the risen Christ on the road.  While it is not a literal walk, this experience is intended for those who want to take the next step in their journey. Weekends for men and weekends for women are planned at retreat centers nearby and bring together people from different churches and different denominations to worship, learn and share together. “Pilgrims,” as they are called, are sponsored by mature Christians in the church who can prepare them for the walk and help ensure that they will engage as servants of Christ through the church when they return.

If you haven’t already been on an Emmaus walk, click here for more information on joining one,


You may also contact Jean Way at

Emmaus Reunion Groups
Once you have completed an Emmaus walk, come join one of Covenant UMC’s many reunion groups!
Covenant has an active Emmaus community and thus several reunion groups.  If you are looking for a reunion group to join, either start with the Greater Austin 4th Day Group Emmaus website at,

Walk to Emmaus