Good $ense Financial Management

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Good Sense Movement is an organization that believes deeply in the fact that stewardship of financial resources lies at the heart of Christian discipleship. As a result of that belief, we are passionately committed to raising the level of Biblical stewardship education and training for churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals to equip families for financial freedom.

The large majority of people can have issues with personal finance as they progress through various stages of life. "Issues" are not a function of wealth. Very wealthy people have issues about how to manage the financial blessings God has bestowed on them. This circumstance is not too much unlike the position where poverty is not necessarily a function of income - some high earners are so strapped with debt that their (financial) lives are miserable.


Having "issues" is not in any way a negative about your financial position or prowess. It does not mean you are a poor manager of your finances (often to the contrary) or that you are in so much debt you are paralyzed or don't know what to do. It does mean you have questions about what are biblical teachings about finances in your circumstance and about how to follow those teachings for your current position in life. In other words again everyone has "issues."


Regardless of your issue or stage of life there is a Good $ense course for you. If nothing else you can receive/have a refresher on the biblical principles of stewardship.


Covenant is offering courses from the Good $ense Movement:

  • Freed-Up financial living

  • Freed-Up from Debt and

  • Freed-Up in Later Life

to assist the community with multiple financial situations and circumstances.


Both in-person and remote/Zoom courses can be offered. Please contact Mick Koffend at to learn more or schedule a course.