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Thank you for committing to Live Thankfully in 2022. Giving is a core tenet of our Christian belief. We pray that you may find the level of giving that is right for you as you progress in your journey of faith and commitment. Your financial commitment and contributions are a critical part of how we can make a difference in our church and our community. 

Commitment cards for 2022 are being mailed out in mid-November, or you can complete the Living Thankfully Commitment card below. Please complete or turn in your paper commitment cards at your earliest convenience. 

Once you have decided your commitment amount, you can set up online giving using the form below, or pay by check, EFT, or Paypal. Please contact our bookkeeper Evelyn Gardner with any questions.

What is Stewardship?

We view living thankfully as your individual and family’s faith journey to prayerfully consider how God has gifted you with your time, talents and money and explore in prayer what you feel that God is asking you to give to Covenant.

What is a commitment?

A commitment is a pledge to make a financial gift over the next year that supports the ministries of Covenant United Methodist Church. 


Why do we need annual commitments?

Annual commitments support everything we do at Covenant UMC—from paying staff to supporting our outreach ministries to maintaining the buildings that allow us to worship and connect. In order to be strategic as we plan ministry, the church relies on your financial commitments to develop next year’s budget. 


How much should I commit?

We believe that you should determine your level of giving in prayerful consideration as you progress in your journey of faith and commitment. However, we would ask that you prayerfully consider making a commitment that is both responsible and significant based on your financial situation. Every commitment, no matter the amount, is an important and critical contribution to our efforts to make a difference in our church and community. 


When should I commit?

We ask everyone to make a commitment no later than Sunday, December 12th, 2021 by bringing a Commitment Card to the church, mailing it, or making a commitment online. This will allow Church Council to do the important work of discerning what ministries, staff and maintenance to fund in 2022. 


Do I have to pay when I commit?

A commitment is just a pledge to pay. You may fulfill your commitment in as many payments as you wish throughout the year.


What happens if I can't give as much as I committed?

We know that life happens, if circumstances change you can notify the Pastor to change your commitment. If you’re blessed with unexpected income, you’re always welcome to increase your commitment, too!