Prayer Chain

Praying together and praying for each other are essential in the life of every Christian. Corporate prayers are those that we lift together in worship or in small group settings. Intercessory prayers are those that we lift up for our family, friends, or neighbors. The prayer requests from Sunday are posted to the Prayer Chain every Monday. Throughout the week, new requests are posted as they are received.

If you would like to receive the Prayer Chain emails, please contact the church office at, and you will be added to the Yahoo group.


You will receive an invitation to the Prayer Chain Yahoo Group in your inbox. You will need to respond to the invitation to confirm your email address and then you will start receiving the Prayer Chain emails. It usually takes less than 24 hours for you to be added.


If there is an emergency prayer request, such as a death or hospitalization of a family member, please call the church office at (512) 346-3124. The Pastor will be notified, and your prayer request will be added to the Prayer Chain.


  • Ways you can help the church through prayer

    • Pray for our pastor and staff

    • Pray for the church campus

      • Pray as you walk the campus one day per month to intercede for staff, neighbors, visitors, membership, worship, classes, etc.

    • Prayer at home

      • Pray for the needs of the church from home by checking the church office or the bulletin for special needs and ministries each week.

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