Weekly Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Foodies!  

This week's numbers:    

· # households served: 129
· # individuals served: 463
· # first-timers: 27
· # of volunteers: 19

5620 pounds of food received this week from all our various sources!

“The Lord thundered from heaven, And the Most High uttered His voice. -2 Samuel 22:14

As the Thunderbirds roared directly over the church at 3:45 to honor all the front line workers involved in the battle against this virus, it occurred to me that we at the food pantry are part of that group too! It was an inspiring moment as volunteers, clients and people from the neighborhood who came to the parking lot to get a clear view, all cheered together! Praise God!


Our numbers are starting to return to pre-pandemic levels and we don't really have an explanation other than to hope that some type of normalcy is beginning to be restored. We once again had much needed help from our new friends, the Travis County constables. And although they had very short notice, they came to help load cars and have quickly become part of our food pantry family. We cannot express enough gratitude for their service! 


We again we able to have our weekly order of food delivered directly to the church by the Central Texas Food Bank on Tuesday. This is a great blessing which not only helps out with our expenses but saves many of our old backs! Pray that this will continue long after this current crisis is over. God is as much involved in the details in all of this as He is in the big picture.


Stay safe and keep praying!


Remember our God is still in control!


Blessings to all! 



• Financial donations to the food pantry may be made online at https://www.covenantaustin.org/donate 

  Hit the Donate Now button and look for Designated Fund in drop down menu 

or go to the second donate now button under Designated Funds


Or mail a check to the following and put Food Pantry in the memo line:

Covenant United Methodist Church

4410 Duval Rd.

Austin, TX 78727


Please take a moment to reread all the opportunities below to help this ministry.  


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bob Weeks or reply to this email. We will be limiting the number of volunteers during this current period due to exposure.

What do we need:  

• Prayers

• Reusable plastic shopping bags (no paper bags please.) 

• Toilet paper 

Bob Weeks  

twitter: @CovenantFood  

email: foodpantry@covenantaustin.org  

web: covenantaustin.org/events-activities/food-pantry/  

Covenant Food Pantry is a Central Texas Food Bank Partner Agency

Covenant United Methodist Church

4410 Duval Rd.

Austin, TX 78727

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