Welcome to Covenant United Methodist Church!

Whether you walk through the doors or enter through the website, we welcome you.

You’re probably coming here with some stuff – questions, expectations, history, worries, problems, hopes, a longing to make the world a better place.


We welcome you in with all of it. Many of us have come in the same way, and we have found this to be a safe place to explore questions and let down burdens, a joyful place to share our talents, a friendly place to connect with others, and a spirit-filled place to meet God. 

Explore this site, and then come worship with us on Sunday mornings at 9 or 11:15. Or visit on a Wednesday night when we have worship at 6:30 pm followed by Bible study.


You might just discover that God is leading you by the hand into a richer, deeper experience of love and grace.

Peace and Joy,

Rev. Jon Snape

Covenant United Methodist Church

4410 Duval Rd.

Austin, TX 78727

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